Free Resources for new bootstrap businesses

Free Resources, when you’re starting a new business, especially when you’re bootstrapping keeping your cost down is the most important thing.

Lets start…

1. DropBox


I have been using dropbox for almost 2 years and it has saved my butt when I needed a certain file especially client files and working between computers. They have an android an iPhone app as well as OSX and Windows and it syncs throughout all of them. It has a very intuitive interface and it is easy to share with friends and clients. With a free account, you get 2GB of storage but you can get 500mb of extra storage per referral up to 16GB. You can sign up here at



free-fontsWhen I found font squirrel I really could not believe that fonts were free to use, I have been in the design industry for 5 years and buying fonts when you’re starting out seems ludicrous and very expensive, I do agree that you need to support artists and pay for what you use, but as a bootstrap business being able to find good quality free to use commercial fonts makes a big difference. Their selection is decent with upwards of 700+ fonts they are all categorised with the type of font they are and if you choose well they don’t feel like a free font, although they usually have one variation some have 2-5 different weights and feels of the same font. I do suggest you check the licensing agreement of each font to make sure they are free to use, to cover yourself in the odd case that there was a mistake made in selecting the font.



Wave accounting apps are free to use, you can send invoices and take card payments through their gateway, if you use their gateway for credit card payments there is only a 1.75% + 30¢ charge per transaction, which is not bad, as its the same as stipe and cheaper than PayPal, there is no hidden fees, if you don’t want to pay anything you can organise bank deposits with your clients. It is one of the best free all in one options for invoicing.


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