Discussion One

Find examples of designers that have a similar approach to your creative practice.

My design style is open, compact and minimalist with a dash of whacky. There are a couple of designers that I like and I follow them on social media and see what they work on. What I would like to concentrate on is designers that I respect and admire, although my work is not like theirs I watch what they do and I admire to work hard to reach their level.

Christopher Doyle has been a designer that I was intrigued by from the day I saw him speak at the agideas conference in 2011. Over the years he has created artwork for the Jezzabels and Chet Faker, which I thought were wonderful works, although one of the pieces that I really liked was his Identity guidelines Here I thought it was cheeky and fun, which is somewhere I would like my work to show flares of.

chris doyle style guide

Christopher Doyle’s work at Cargo Collective

I also admire Sagmeister&Walsh The work they create is very unique and they think outside of that hypothetical box. What I admire them because they don’t stick to using traditional media and tools. they stretch they tools to include anything around them, and because of that sagmeister has created some very good creative motion graphics. They are very untraditional and whacky and I love that.



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