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Free Resources for new bootstrap businesses

Free Resources, when you’re starting a new business, especially when you’re bootstrapping keeping your cost down is the most important thing. Lets start… 1. DropBox I have been using dropbox for almost 2 years and it has saved my butt when I needed a certain file especially client files and working between computers. They have an android an iPhone app as well as OSX and Windows and it syncs throughout all of them. It has a very intuitive interface and it is easy to share with friends and clients. With a free account, you get 2GB of storage but you can get 500mb of extra storage per referral up to 16GB. You can sign up here at   2. When I found font squirrel I really could not believe that fonts were free to use, I have been in the design industry for 5 years and buying fonts when […]

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Reflection on creative practices

Design isn’t an area I thought I would pursue, I dabbled in art and clay making at young ages. then in fine art photography when I was in high school and I thought thats what I wanted to do. The style of my design was influenced by the fact that I can’t draw very well and my taste from learning Elements and Principles early. I was a minimalist before I knew what minimalist was. Creating design work for me is impact, what impact I can have by doing what I do. Its a wonderful thought to have, also something that takes a lot of work and practice to accomplish. I haven’t been one for trends, I create design that I like, and that way I validate my design taste that made me wanting to be a designer. I’ve attached two of the black and white photos that I had taken […]

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“To copy, or borrow and alteration of  preexisting images to create  new artwork.” With the rise of consumerism and pop art in the mid 20th century, by artists like Robert Rauschenberg, Andy Warhol, and Claes Oldenburg, where  they repeated, reproduced, and juxtaposed then remixed existing items that anyone anyone could relate to. The invention and saturation of the internet in the last 20 years has created the attitude of free for all copy and use of other peoples hard work, this can be a problem as the line between Appropriating or Remixing and a straight out copy of something is fine.  Over time you question creativity and the boundaries of what it means to be an artist. Although the need to analyse and gain inspiration from existing artwork is needed to create new work, education is as equally important about the boundaries of what makes good remixing of work vs a straight […]

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Discussion One

Find examples of designers that have a similar approach to your creative practice. My design style is open, compact and minimalist with a dash of whacky. There are a couple of designers that I like and I follow them on social media and see what they work on. What I would like to concentrate on is designers that I respect and admire, although my work is not like theirs I watch what they do and I admire to work hard to reach their level. Christopher Doyle has been a designer that I was intrigued by from the day I saw him speak at the agideas conference in 2011. Over the years he has created artwork for the Jezzabels and Chet Faker, which I thought were wonderful works, although one of the pieces that I really liked was his Identity guidelines Here I thought it was cheeky and fun, which is somewhere […]

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What is Creativity?

Creativity noun the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness Everyone wants to express what they want or feel, creativity is what you learn after a long time of creating. I don’t thing everyone has it naturally ‘except the very few’ but you can learn it. You can learn to be creative by learning about art, design and artists, and figure out what they did to become the kind of artist that influences you. The creativity line between original ideas and copycats has become blurred with the age of the internet with the ability to have so much information and the ability to find images freely on the internet, people just tend to take first disregard in the meantime and think about it later that they had just stolen someones work and claimed it as their own. I’m sure you’ve heard of the phrase ‘nothing is original […]

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Lo Fi Typography Poster Part 2

I set out to try and make another poster for my Lo Fi Typography project, Original post Here. This time its quite a bit smaller than before I went from an A1 to slightly bigger than A2. . Though once the ink dried, it had soaked into the paper which made the fingerprints less visible which I’m not one hundred percent happy with, but its something I need to look out for next time I create something like this. Using different ink will be something I experiment with. Sorry no time-lapse this time.

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Lo Fi Typography Fingerprints

I am currently working on a brief that requires me to create typography using Lo Fi type. The assignment is to be completed without the use of a computer so my idea was to create something that reflected me. I am a very conceptual person and I always think about new things and ideas. “I just am” That was the idea behind it. I’m experimenting with mediums at the moment, I created a time lapse of me creating the first poster as a trial. I still need to work on it and more mind maps to do before I can finish it. Youtube video below of my first try.      

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Sourcing The electronics – The Designers Toolkit

The designers toolkit, I will use the radio as a container medium. I also want to make it  partially functional, thats why I visited an electronics store and got my hands onto a voice recorder module. Using this I will make a recording, to get that old radio feeling. Before I started with the new electronics, I took out my soldering iron, and removed as much of the old electronics components as possible from the chassis of the radio.   A list of the stuff I picked up. – Multi Message Recorder – 12v Battery – 12v Battery charger (to keep it running for a while) – 3.5w Amplifier – Speaker – Cables – Soldering iron (and solder) Then I basically spent the next 15 hours putting together the circuit. I had to learn how to read resistor tags, and how to solder. After I added the Amp, Speaker and […]

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The Graduate Designers Toolkit The Beginning

I have to start with selecting a Design movement, any from the last 100 years. I could not keep my mind away from Art Deco, especially after watching The Great Gatzby. Initially my idea had gone off on a tangent, and i was straying off the idea which was a Toolkit to help Designers in the real world once they finish their course. My Idea is Communication Mediums of the 1930’s, so naturally I sourced out a Radio. I will include Records, Newspaper and a Radio Recording, all composed into the Radio itself as a container medium. Let us Begin. I made sure I was very careful when I brought it home, so I put the old fella in the back seat and put the seatbelt on. To make sure nothing happened. Once we got home, I started by disassembling the radio, pictures are below. all electronics are intact. I […]